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After an intense September—SO many planets in Virgo at once! is making its biennial blaze through Libra from October 3 to November

Why is it, for example, that topics like neighbors, siblings, and writing were ever associated collectively with the third house?

Adam Elenbaas (Cancer)

Or why pregnancy, good fortune, and creativity with the fifth house? While the archetypal themes of the houses are well known by most astrologers, very few students know exactly what kind of astronomical rationale first led to the collection of the varying topics assigned to them. During this interactive workshop, we will explore the philosophical and astronomical importance of the primary and secondary motions of the heavens and how their movements provide us with a skeleton key to understanding each of the houses in greater depth than ever before.

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Equipped with this deeper, esoteric understanding of the twelve houses, we will then venture to interpret a series of charts together as a class. Adam holds an M.

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Adam is one of the founding writers of RealitySandwich. Adam is a very popular and talented local Astrologer who provides many educational services to the astrological community through his Nightlight Astrology website and YouTube. He has graciously agreed to fill in for our March event on a short notice and I am hopeful everyone comes out to show him our gratitude. This is going to be a great event!

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Amazing that airports now have yoga rooms. Chanting jappa in an echoey room while waiting for my flight to board Om Tat Sat!

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Earlier today, I recorded a short take on this weekend's last quarter Moon, especially given that its ruler, Mercury, is squaring Saturn. Celebrating my Spiritual teachers appearance day today in San Francisco, which is also an opportunity for the community to worship and celebrate the entire chain of Gurus in the disciplic succession.

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During today's arati talk one thing he said that will stick with me Today, I've posted a new planets in profile episode, catching up with Venus now, I explore the meaning of Venus in Leo. Cancer Daddy day activities: aquarium and then quiet book store and then a group nap. Toggle navigation Picpanzee.

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