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After an intense September—SO many planets in Virgo at once! is making its biennial blaze through Libra from October 3 to November

Rank Name Total 1. Michael 2. John 3. David 4. James 5. Robert 6.

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William 7. Mark Mary 2. Karen 3. Kimberly 4.

December 25 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Susan 5. Patricia 6. Donna 7. Linda How popular is your name? Search to find out! Search your name: Girl: Boy:. Celebrities Birthdays: December 25th, Quentin Crisp. Humphrey Bogart.

December 25th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 2

CCH Pounder. Joe Rock. Justin Trudeau. Stuart Hall.

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New Age learning and holistic healing have special appeal for them. They are introspective people who can transcend their own emotional struggles by involving themselves in work that helps others. They can understand others' motives and divine what even they may not realize. Men and women born on this day seem self-sufficient but need their friends to step in once in a while and take over. This can be a test: Do friends care enough to take control?

Your birthday, December 25 :: Horoscope, lucky gemstones, colours, days, numbers, ruling planets

It's difficult to know what they expect of a relationship, let alone a marriage. There is a sense that they aren't sure they want to.

December 25 Capricorn Personality

No matter how close they may be to family members, December 25 people are always a little outside the circle. They're quiet rebels who refuse to be influenced by others.

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With their children, they do the best they can to show affection and support. Lucky people are self-aware enough to know who they are and what they believe in, but they are also open-minded and constantly increasing their luck-making potential with experience, insight, feedback, and information. People born on December 25 Zodiac can struggle with the more mundane aspects of life, and the main theme in their lives is their search for a state of heightened awareness where they can transcend the everyday.

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  7. Others may dismiss them as unrealistic dreamers but may secretly admire the sense of awe and wonder they bring to everything they say and do. In both their professional and their personal lives, they bring energy, strength of purpose and a gift for organization. Above all, they bring a willingness to push things just that little bit further than others would dare in search of the peak experience they long to experience. One of the reasons people born on this day may feel the need to make their experience of life extraordinary is because they generally receive less attention on their birthday than anyone else in the year.

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    They may therefore feel they are missing out on life in some way. These feelings persist throughout their lives, giving them the drive and the determination to stand out and achieve their ambitious aspirations. Before the age of twenty-six they are likely to have a goal-orientated, straightforward approach to their achievements, but after the age of twenty-seven and for the next thirty years they are likely to feel a growing need to experiment with different concepts and express their individuality.

    Another turning point comes at the age of fifty-seven when they are likely to place more emphasis on their already enhanced sensitivity and feelings. As long as these goals are not used as a means of escaping from the complications of life, and as long as they can find ways to increase their chances of success by injecting realism into their idealistic visions, these people are capable not only of great happiness and fulfillment, but of making lasting contributions to the greater good.